RTFM Acknowledgements

Firstly, many thanks to the Apache group for bringing us "The world's most popular web server"!!!!

I originally developed the Apache RTFM when I was running jlk Consultants ltd. When I joined FinanceMedia Europe Ltd. in 1999, I found that I didn't have time to maintain it, and eventually I had to shutdown the website that hosted the RTFM. But it's back now and hosted by Open Source Migrations Ltd. a new company that I am part of.

The logo on the Apache RTFM are derived from original Apache logos.

Thanks to NCSA for their web server and their CGI tutorial and I would also like to thank Tom Boutell who provided the first 'C' cgi->email program which I cut my teeth on when getting started in web business. Also I should like to acknowledge Nick Kew for his excellent FAQ on CGI's.

Acknowledgements also to Ross Olson for the pseudo random trick and to Shishir Gundavaram for the some of the common errors in SSIs and various bits and pieces from Dave Lloyd.


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