browser match

Just for thoses of you that insist.... If you browser is Netscape, you should see a Netscape logo below, else if it is Micro$oft, you will see the IE logo. Anyone else should see a browser netural logo, which I perfer.

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Netscape Browser

How it's done

<!--#if expr="$HTTP_USER_AGENT=/MSIE/ " --><br><br>
<center><img src="images/ie.gif" width=42 height=42 
alt="Micro$oft IE Browser"></center>
<!--#elif expr="\"HTTP_USER_AGENT\" = /Mozilla?*/ " -->
<center><img src="images/ns.gif" width=92 height=92 
alt="Netscape Browser"></center>
<!--#else -->
<center><img src="images/browser_neutral.gif" width=92 height=92 
alt="Browser Neutral"></center>
<!--#endif -->

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